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Longton Rugby Sponsorship

Longton Rugby Stoke on Trent SponsorshipWithout the financial support we get from our Sponsors Longton Rugby would not have enjoyed the success that we have.

Without the support we may not:

  • Have been able to build our superb Clubhouse – the Phoenix Suite.
  • Have the excellent playing facilities that we all enjoy and are so proud of.
  • Have had the success on the pitch and attracted players across all our teams.
  • Have won promotions, Staffordshire Cups and Merit Leagues.

But finding Sponsors isn’t easy

That’s where we need your help!


The Challenge

Our Sponsorship Challenge to all the players and supporters at Longton Rugby Club is for you to let us know about anyone that might be interested in Sponsoring the Club.

This could be where you work, or where your friends or family members work. It could be organisations that you know who sponsor other sports clubs, and might be interested in sponsoring Longton Rugby.

We just need to know who to contact and we’ll take it from there!

In return, all the Members that let us know about a potential new Sponsor, will be entitled to a payment equivalent to 10% of the NET value when a new sponsorship package is taken out (for players, this would be over and above their annual membership payment, should they have their own sponsor).

If you feel that you could become a Sponsor of Longton Rugby, or if you think you might know a person or organisation that might like to become a Sponsor we would love to hear from you! Please get in touch using the Contact Us page of our website.

For an example of some of our Sponsorship Packages, please click here.


To discuss sponsorship packages further, please get in touch using the Contact Us page of our website. Alternatively give Jez MossĀ at Longton Rugby, a call on 01782 594016.

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