Our Volunteers

3rd July 2016, Archived
Zoe Adderley one of our volunteers recently attended a county celebration of the people who volunteer at rugby clubs. The Junior section nominated Zoe as our Golden Volunteer. I think it shows just what a difference volunteering can make to the club.
Zoe, her husband Matt and their 2 boys joined the club in 2011. Initially their only involvement was as parents, Matt soon volunteered to help with Coaching the under 7’s. Zoe’s involvement tended to be in the undertaking of team admin and first aid.

This developed over the next 5 years, but it is during the 2015-16 season that she has made her most significant contribution.Our under 11’s squad had dwindled in numbers and was very close to folding. Zoe took the lead in regenerating the group, by contacting former members,encouraging existing players and at times,helping with Coaching sessions.She has worked tirelessly alongside our 2 young, inexperienced coaches,providing support and guidance, to keep spirits up.

Thanks to Zoe’s considerable efforts and hard work, the under 11’s have stabilised,increased player numbers and managed to take part in the recent County Festival.

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