Longton RUFC – Mini / Junior Section

Role Description

Club Volunteer Co-Ordinator

Primary Function

  • Responsible for the recruitment, training and retention of the club’s volunteers.

Secondary Function

  • To be the final word on all matters pertaining to the Mini / Junior section


You’ll liaise with others in the club to: –

  • Assess the personnel needs of the club on an annual basis; taking into account regular duties as well as special events
  • Develop a recruiting plan that identifies all possible recruiting sources
  • Understand the nature of volunteering and what motivates people to volunteer
  • Recruit volunteers and, where possible, place them in roles that suit their background, skills or wishes
  • Organise initial orientation and, where possible, ongoing training
  • Keep club volunteers informed of all club activities and events
  • Ensure individual volunteers are given appropriate support and guidance to maintain their enthusiasm
  • Ensure appropriate recognition of volunteers, including nomination for RFU recognition awards
  • Create a succession plan so that you have a pool of talent ready to step up or provide cover for key roles
  • Maintain and publish volunteer role positions in line with RFU recommendations
  • Maintain a database of volunteers to track qualifications, CRB status and general contact information and ensure that this is synchronised with the contacts list maintained by the Communications Officer

June 2017