Marshall joined Old Longtonians in the fifties through his contact with former Presidents, Bernard Hallam and Dave Bourne, the former through Scouts and the latter through work. He became a prominent figure in organising the annual Screamline show involving scouts doing a variety show at the local theatre.

In his playing days Marshall was a keen and determined second team prop forward who always gave 100% commitment whilst demonstrating his leadership qualities.

Marshall was President from 1980 – 91 and held the office with pride and dignity. He was also very much a working President, not afraid to climb ladders to paint the posts, and was at the forefront of cooking duties at the annual barbecue.

He was also known for his sartorial elegance with his highly decorated dress shirts at Club dinners. Wife, Lillian was a prominent member of the Ladies Committee whose contribution to the development of the Club cannot be underestimated. Lillian is perhaps best remembered for her superb voice, particularly on Christmas Eve when carols were sung to the accompaniment of Norma Horton on piano.

In his professional life Marshall was a senior figure in the pottery industry working for Wengers and James Kent in the supply of colours, frits and glazes to the industry.

Regrettably, he suffered a heart attack and was ordered to shed some of his weight which he did to great effect. However, a few years later he suffered another heart attack, this time at the graveside of former player, John Myatt, father of current Chairman, Phil, and died at the graveside.

However, the Carson name lives on through Tracey, Fiona, Jack, Kyle and Rhys all of whom are fully involved in our Junior Section operation and we are delighted to see that the family name and dynasty continues, and no doubt Marshall is looking down on them with justified pride.

M Wheat.