Mini/Junior return to rugby

Mini/Junior return to rugby

30th August 2020, Club News

Hi all,

We are all looking forward to seeing people return to Longton on the morning of 6thSeptember. 

During the time we have been away a lot of work has been done at the club to ensure everyone is as safe as can be. There will be a few changes since the last time you were there so hopefully this will go some way to explaining what to expect. Please keep in mind that as guidance evolves both locally and nationally there will be changes, so please expect the below to alter as the season goes on.

Firstly, arrival times. We are limited in the number of people we can have at the club at any one time, so we have split Sunday mornings into 2 sessions as below.


Under 7s, Under 8s, Under 9s, Under 10s, Under 11s, Under 12s


Under 6s, Under 13 Boys, Under 13 Girls, Under 14s, Under 15 Boys, Under 15 Girls, Under 16s

Initially each session will be 1 hour long. To prevent overcrowding, please can people in the early group be offsite by 10.45. Also, can people in the later group not arrive on site before 10.45. 

We appreciate that some families will have players in both sessions. It is clearly ok for these families to remain on site. 

Car Parking will be at a premium. There should be attendants that will direct you to available spaces (any volunteers please contact me). Over lockdown the car park has been used by Amazon as overflow. The revenue raised from this has helped the club immensely and goes towards keeping our subs some of the lowest in the County. This relationship will continue for the time being, so expect white vans to be using the car park also.

  On the first Sunday back, we will not have access to the clubhouse other than toilets downstairs. So, there will be no food or drinks available, feel free to bring a flask. We are asking players to arrive ready to play and leave immediately after the session. We should be able to get access to the club in week 2. 

During your session coaches will be adhering to rules set by The RFU in line with Government approval. We are limited to what we can coach and how many players are in a group. Please bear with us and support your coaches as we become accustomed to what is allowed and where the rules change over time. Use of equipment including tackle bags and balls will be kept to a minimum and some, such as bibs, we are not allowed to use. 

We will be adhering to track and trace guidance and everyone will be asked to confirm their attendance and contact details. 

Players are not allowed to share water bottles so please bring your own. 

These rules are new to us all and we expect changes to be a regular occurrence. All we ask is you work with us to make the return to rugby a success. Our children being able to play rugby, in whatever form, with their friends and teammates again will be a very welcome sight.



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