Volunteer Roles

Longton Needs YOU!
Our club is mainly run by volunteers, the coaches, first aiders, PLO’s, club Secretaries etc, none of what we do behind the scenes and on the pitches would be possible without their help and support and without them, our club wouldn’t function like it does today.

Very soon we will be losing two of our main Club Volunteers, Doug and Steve who will be taking a very much needed step down from their duties at the club after years of support. To that end, we have some pretty big shoes to fill and hopefully that’s where you come in.

We are asking all of our members to consider helping out and volunteering in a role that will keep the club running at its absolute best and continuing to thrive.

We have the following positions available :

Ideally this would suit someone from a financial  / banking background but full training will be given.
Responsible for the management of the mini junior sections accounts and its financial dealings, Record monies taken by cash, cheque and card payment
Pass financial summary to the committee.

Membership Secretary: 
Greet and introduce new players and parents to the club and coach/es. Issue and receive registration forms, collect annual subscription fees

Communications Officer: 
Maintain a contacts list for parents/guardians of all registered players & to communicate all relevant information to parents & volunteers as required via email and social media outlets. To maintain Facebook page and mini/junior section of the club website.

Safeguarding Officer: 
Provide leadership in the safeguarding of children within the club, maintaining relationships with the Constituent Body Safeguarding Manager and local safeguarding partners.
Report to the club executive committee and work with the Mini/Junior Secretary and Club Coaches Co-ordinator
Facilitate DBS checks for prospective club volunteers

Coaches Co-ordinator: 
To work with coaches and assistants to ensure that they receive appropriate support, training and development. To work with coaches and assistants in the preparation, development and organisation of coaching sessions. To implement and enforce Club Policies and Guidelines, as required.

Sunday Administrator:
To provide financial and administrative support to the Merchandise Officer, Membership Secretary and Treasurer by attendance at the club on Sunday match and training days

Merchandise Officer: 
Take orders & maintain spreadsheets. Distribute ordered kit, take payment for kit ordered, to account for sales and costs with the Treasurer. Work with the committee to establish what items are to be merchandised and how the club publicises merchandising. Maintain spreadsheet of orders.


I appreciate that this is a long message, but I wanted you to have a brief overview of what positions are available, not only for you to decide which one you would love to help out with, but to reflect on how much our volunteers do for the club.

If some of these posts cannot be filled then we will need to rethink how the mini/junior section runs and we may have to change how we do things slightly to accommodate, for example moving all merchandise purchases online.

Or, if you have the experience and knowledge of how we can streamline these roles to make us more efficient, please do get in touch.

These roles do not have to be exclusive for one person, we can have a ‘team of treasurers’ or a magnificent bunch of merchandise officers’  as long as we have volunteers who are willing to use a little of their free time (a couple of hours per week) to support our club then we would be extremely grateful indeed.

For full information about the above roles, you can take a look at the role descriptions below where you will also find a link to an electronic reply slip or please feel free to contact me for further information.

I look forward to hearing from you.

With anticipation and thanks

Club Volunteers Co-ordinator

Email: cvc@longtonrugby.co.uk

Volunteer Role Descriptions

If you are interested in any of the roles below please fill in a Volunteer Reply Slip or contact our Club Volunteer Coordinator either at the club or by email cvc@longtonrugby.co.uk