Longton Rugby Club – Mini/Junior Section

 Safeguarding Policy

 It is the policy of Longton Rugby Club to abide by the Child Safeguarding Policy as laid down by the RFU’s Safeguarding Policy

RFU Child Protection Policy Statement

Young people are the future of Rugby Union. Every young player who participates in Rugby Union must be able to do so in a safe and enjoyable environment. The RFU places the highest priority on their SAFETY and ENJOYMENT and recognises that it has a Duty of Care towards young people within the sport and that any Club or Constituent Body providing rugby opportunities must do so with the highest possible care.

Longton Rugby Club, its Officers, Coaches and Volunteers recognise the personal dignity and rights of children, towards whom we have a special responsibility and a duty of care. As a Club and as individuals, we undertake to do all in our power to provide children and young people with safety and protection from harm while they are in our care. If we have reason to suspect that abuse has been perpetrated, we undertake to report our concerns to the appropriate authority.

All adults who come into regular contact with young people in carrying out club duties will be expected to complete a DBS Disclosure Form when requested by the Club Safeguarding Officer (CSO). In addition, they will be provided with a copy of the Clubs Code of Conduct for Club Officials and Volunteers and will be provided with appropriate training courses (E.g. Play It Safe, Headcase Concussion, etc.)

 Parents and Guardians will be provided with the Club’s Code of Conduct for Parents/Guardians.

 Where a breach of these codes is identified, it will be reported immediately to the CSO for immediate action. Where concerns are in relation to a specific named child or young person, the CSO will start to make enquiries and take the necessary action. All information, actions taken and reasons for actions taken will be recorded in written form and will be made immediately available to any subsequent investigating body. If the concerns are in relation to the CSO or any other Club Official, the information will immediately be passed to the appropriate and nominated National Governing Body official.

Where the concerns are for a named adult who is believed or suspected of endangering the physical or mental health or safety of any child or young persons, then the CSO will ensure that all information and actions taken and reasons for actions taken will be recorded in written form and will be made immediately available to any subsequent investigating body. The CSO will at the earliest opportunity report the matter to Social Services for their consideration and directions.

All information provided from any source to the Club, for the purpose of complying with this Safeguarding Policy will be kept confidential and will only be disclosed to a person who has a need to know and who needs information to ensure the health and safety of the young person.

Web Site and Social Media

The Club abides by the Law and regulations for the protection of young people on our web site and social media. All parents give consent by signing the Junior Membership Form to allow publication of their child’s images. The club’s Social Media Policy should be read for more detail. The CSO must be informed in writing if any child is not to be photographed. Any images used on player pages will be of low resolution only.

The appointed CSO will be responsible for the implementation of this Policy. It will be the CSOs duty to ensure that this Policy is reviewed at the end of each rugby season and to recommend and implement any necessary changes.

The CSO will be responsible for ensuring action as outlined in this Policy is undertaken as and when necessary.



3rd July 2018