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Weights Programme

Training for Rugby

The demands of the game of rugby are extensive and include a huge range of activities such as short sprints, slow jogging, acceleration, use of upper body strength, fast striding, jumping, walking, changing direction, rapid recovery, and the ability to interchange between any of these activities on demand.
As a result, all of the energy-producing systems within the body are placed under a certain degree of stress along with a high level of demand placed on the muscular system.
An elite rugby player needs to be an all-round athlete and weight training routines are just one way we can suppliment our regular training to achieve this.
You can download a copy of the Longton Rugby Weights Programme here.

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Correct Diet

To maximise the benefit that you can gain from a good weights programme, it is essential that you provide your body with the right energy and diet.
In order to build lean muscle mass, it is also essential that you combine an adequate calorie intake with your muscle strengthening programme.
A large number of calories are needed to fuel effective workouts and tissue building.
While getting enough calories is important, it is also important to get the right kind of calories.
You can download a copy of the Longton Rugby Dietary Guidelines here.

Further Information

Rugby Training is every Tuesday and Thursday 7.30pm – 8.45pm.
Use the programmes that you can access on this page to help guide you with your training and nutritional requirements.